“Explaining The Technology” is a new 6 part video series produced by VeriCoin. The series is presented by Douglas Pike, VeriCoin and Verium co-founder and lead developer. The series includes a few videos created with the intention to answer some basic questions for those just getting familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In addition, the series also explains the innovation of VeriCoin’s unique Binary-Chain technology that solves many issues currently effecting other digital currencies.

VeriCoin’s “Explaining The Technology” 6 Part Video Series:

  1. What Problems Does Digital Currency Solve?
  2. Why Should I Trust Digital Currency?
  3. What Benefits Does Digital Currency Have Over Fiat?
  4. Explaining The Benefits Of Vericoin’s Unique Binary-Chain
  5. Verium Mining ASIC & GPU Resistant
  6. What Is The Benefit of VeriCoin’s Proof of Stake Time?