VeriCoin and Verium Developers

The Developers who will be pushing the Binary-Chain technology forward...

Core Developers

Patrick Nosker - VeriCoin Developer

Patrick Nosker

Twitter: @pnosker

Patrick's Bio
  • PhDs  in Biochemistry and Quantitative Biomedicine
  • MS in Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics
  • Patrick holds  several patents and works in Finance
Doug Pike - VeriCoin Developer
Douglas' Bio
  • Scientific Programmer at Rutgers University
  • PhD student  in Quantitative Biomedicine
  • Computational Biophysics work includes being the lead developer of a novel protein design software library, as well as an author of numerous scientific publications
  • Doug and Pat are co-inventors of a process to discover influenza therapeutics
Steve Woods - VeriCoin Developer

Steve Woods

Twitter: @OnsightIT

Steve's Bio

Steve Woods was introduced to cryptocurrency in late 2012. Starting out as a bitcoin miner, he soon discovered the world of crypto-trading and began researching the markets and various alt-coins. Having come across VeriCoin in its early stages, he was excited to see a coin that was focused on usability, and with a development team that was not shrouded in anonymity. Looking for a place to help-out, he began tinkering with the code, and one thing led to another. Steve has over 30 years of programming experience – 23 of them with a Fortune 500 company as a Systems Engineer and Infrastructure Specialist. In addition to VeriCoin, Steve is an avid rock climber, and has traveled the world looking for the most aesthetic lines to climb.

David Boehm - VeriCoin Developer

David Boehm

Twitter: VeriCoinDev3

David's Bio
  • MS in Computer Science
  • Previously worked for Department of Defense as a software developer
  • Currently is working for a large software company based near Seattle as a Software Development Engineer for a cloud based computing group
Benjamin Mahala - VeriCoin Developer

Benjamin Mahala

Twitter: @verilisk

Ben's Bio
  • Studied Chemistry as an undergraduate at the University of Missouri Science and Technology
  • Currently pursuing a degree in Theoretical and Computational chemistry at John Hopkins University
  • CTO and co-founder of CryptoVest Financial Services, a startup based in London


Darkey - VeriCoin Developer


Backend Developer

Darkey's Bio
Yocmen - VeriCoin Developer


Frontend Developer

Yocmen's Bio
Testbug - VeriCoin Developer


Systems Developer

Testbug's Bio

Third Party Developers

Will Maddock - Project Social Developer

William Maddock

Project Social Developer


William's Bio
  • VeriCoin Community Member since 2014
  • 20 years experience managing and implementing global IT projects
  • Worked for top tier tech companies


Kevin Alvarez - VeriCoin Marketing

Kevin Alvarez


Kevin's Bio

Kevin Alvarez is the Chief Marketing Strategist, President and Founder of Blue Lynx Marketing Inc., a full service marketing agency.In February of 2016, Kevin received the “Google 5pecialist” certificate from Google Partners.  The certification was only awarded to online marketing specialists who were able to hold all 5 AdWords specialization certifications simultaneously (Search, Display, YouTube, Mobile and Shopping).  He also held a certification for Google Analytics during this time. Kevin’s specialty is focusing on measurable results that improve a company’s bottom line. His passion is in highly trackable internet marketing campaigns that combine creativity, strategy and analysis. His marketing firm is an approved Google Partner Agency. He is also a PRO Member of SEOMoz and believes in the importance of continual education. Kevin believes in making the web a better place and that starts with helping companies to develop user friendly websites filled with good quality content and using white-hat marketing techniques.

Michael G. Barrett - Creative Director

Michael G. Barrett

Creative Director

Michael's Bio

Michael G. Barrett is the Chief Creative Officer for Blue Lynx Marketing. After graduating from with a degree in Film and Video Production his first professional job was as a full-time position at the Family Worship Center in Lakeland, Florida, where he was responsible for the start-up of the church’s television ministry. This $700,000 project reached international status under his leadership.

Michael left Family Worship Center after three years to start what is now Barrett Creative, a video production and design firm. Since 2001, Barrett Creative has worked on many capital campaigns at local, national, and international levels, helping to raise more than $10 million dollars.

Social Media Managers

Verimad - Community Manager


Community Manager

Verimad's Bio

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