The VeriCoin (Ticker: VRC) Development team is pleased to announce the release of the VeriCoin and Verium Development Roadmap V1.

The new roadmap is highlighted by the announcement of Binary Chain, the world’s first dual blockchain protocol. While other coins have utilized two separate blockchains, Binary Chain is substantially different because it separates the currency and the commodity blockchains while pairing their supply. Digital currency advocates consider this to be groundbreaking technology because it promises to solve the issues of scaling, transaction speeds, and security that other digital currencies are encountering.

In addition to Binary Chain, VeriCoin’s Development Roadmap announces 6 other key features that are currently being developed. These features provide affirmation that VeriCoin continues toward its goal of providing users with a viable, user friendly digital financial system that is practical for both merchants and consumers.

Key Feature Announcements Coming To VeriCoin

  • Cipher – an on chain, encryption optional, messaging system. Cipher can be used to communicate from one wallet to another, with the option of storing encrypted data.
  • Usor – an on chain decentralized username system that will allow users to assign unique usernames to their desired address.
  • Artis – an on chain decentralized anonymous exchange between VeriCoin (the currency) and Verium (the commodity)
  • Stratum – a json-based API allows communication between external distributed applications, smart contracts, and other blockchain powered systems.
  • Gemini – a wallet that will merge all VeriCoin and Verium technologies into one easy to use package.
  • Mobile Apps – The VeriCoin mobile wallet will allow you to stake on the go or while you sleep and make mobile payments with VeriCoin.
  • Project Social – will enable the use of VeriCoin as a mainstream transaction system and represent a stunning real world use case for VeriCoin.

Available In Multiple Languages

VeriCoin’s Development Roadmap can be downloaded in PDF format is available in over 5 languages. You can click below to download the VeriCoin Development Roadmap in the language of your choice.

The Buzz About VeriCoin Is Global

According to site analytics, VeriCoin reports it’s user base is growing at a rapid pace with wallet downloads increasing 115.68% in the past 30 days. The user base is global with downloads coming from users in 139 different countries. In addition to downloads and website visits, the VeriCoin live chat community on Slack has gained 400 international members since it’s inception a little over one month ago.