Who Is Ready To Change The World?

VeriCoin is looking for volunteers who believe that a fast, secure and scalable decentralized digital currency will create a better world. We are looking for talented designers, developers, marketers, translators and brand ambassadors to join our movement.

VeriCoin Developer


Development including but not limited to: web development, mining-hardware/software, bots, applications, general programming.

VeriCoin Marketing & Promotion Team

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing includes but not limited to content creation, social media, videos, charts, graphic design, editing, printing services and more.

VeriCoin Technical Support Team

Technical Support

Support includes but not limited to technical support, trouble shooting, chat room moderators, new feature testing, etc.

VeriCoin Global Initiative Team

Global Initiatives

Includes but not limited to translating documentation (marketing and support) into different languages.

Join Our Growing Team

“Getting involved with the VeriCoin Foundation was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s awesome to work on a project that is destined to improve the world while collaborating with so many talented and brilliant minds from all around the globe. We’re creating something entirely new for the whole world to experience. It’s a great feeling!”
– Kevin Alvarez, Marketing

Application Process

We will review your application and assess where you can best help the development and growth of VeriCoin. Upon review, you will be contacted and an online interview will be set up.